Future Vega | Theme song, trailer, and more for Oxygen Network’s Bad Girls Club
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Bad Girls Club

Refreshing the BGC theme song

We worked with songwriter / vocalist Chardai Love to refresh the Bad Girls Club 2011 theme with a new verse and updated production. The theme song ran in the 16 & 17th seasons of the show.




“Bad Girls Club Theme” Written by Ryan Lofty, Chardai Hamblin, Lydia Raymond, Denise Rich, and Patrick J. Bianco. Performed by Chardai Love.

Season 14 trailer

In one of our first projects with reality TV production house Bunim / Murray, Ryan Lofty curated a pack of energetic tracks that fit the raucous vibe of Bad Girls Club. “Kick It” was selected for season 14’s series trailer, with a remix contracted to close out the season with a bang. Viewer discretion advised.




“Kick It” Written by Ryan Lofty. Licensed in agreement with Future Vega, LLC.