Hello! Thanks for taking the time to look into us! We found many of our jobs by messaging people on the internet.

Library Composer

Our library is split into two catalogs, artist songs that we represent for licensing and library cues made for media. Our library cues are one-stop and exclusive.


  • EDM, Electro, Trap, Drum & Bass

  • Future Bass, Deep House, Tech House, Trance

  • Hip-hop, some R&B

  • Orchestral Hybrids (formatted as builds, cliffhangers)

We’d love to hear from you if your music is related to the above genres and contains:

  • Chopped vocal samples

  • Unique instrument samples you have created

  • Interesting production techniques such as pitching, glitching or otherwise manually manipulating sound

  • Analog synths

  • A hybrid of electronic music and world music

Send a link with your top 3 high energy tracks to and

*Please don’t send that copy/paste email with the line “reputable music library” - everyone must be reading the same how-to guide because everyone’s sending the same email.

Media Composer

**This position has been filled but if this sounds like you please get in touch to say hi anyway**

Did you DJ your college bar while completing your music composition degree? Or maybe you are an artist transitioning into the world of media music? Love staying inside writing music all day and also raving on the weekend?

This could be the role for you!

We are looking for a part-time additional music composer who can produce electronic music to picture (or has an enthusiastic desire to learn how). We primarily work in animated television with weekly episode deliveries.

The right person would be familiar with Logic Pro X and at least some of the following software:

  • Serum, Spire, Sylenth, Omnisphere, Diva

  • CineStrings, CineBrass, Spitfire Libraries

Bonus points for familiarity with:

  • Compiling QuickTime music previews

  • Exporting stems and compiling Pro Tools mix sessions

  • Creating music cue sheets

Extra bonus points for skill in:

  • Song and vocal production

  • Playing an instrument, especially something uncommon

  • Creating samples and virtual instruments

  • Programming analog synths

  • Mixing and mastering

You would need to be a United States resident and preferably a resident of Los Angeles. While not a strict requirement, our team currently works together in Studio City a few times per week.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in now or in the future please email your resume and a short paragraph about yourself to and