Future Vega is a music production and publishing house owned and operated by Ryan & Courtney Lofty.

Yes, we are married.

Ryan spends 58 minutes of every hour making music. Thankfully he gets paid for it otherwise this would be a very short bio. Over the years he’s had some cool gigs like composing for Walt Disney Company, writing songs in India for a private investor, playing a festival set with Bill Nye the Science Guy and even touring the country as a DJ in an astronaut suit. With this eclectic mix of experience it makes sense he would land a role in media music where speed, style, and flexibility rule.

Courtney’s background is in copywriting, design, and business development. As a marketing executive she’s worked on campaigns for Bethesda, 2K Games, Koch Media and Toyota. She has a thing for pitch decks and has helped tens of creators and startups secure funding for their projects. For Future Vega she is a lyricist and score production manager, as well as the person who sends most of the emails. 

Our hobbies include working, collecting synths, playing video games and bickering about why our electricity bill is so high.

If you need a serious bio, you can find that here.

Illustration by @neilkohney / inspired by @mikemaihack