Future Vega is a music production and publishing house owned and operated by Ryan & Courtney Lofty.

Yes, we are married.

Ryan spends 58 minutes of every hour making music. Thankfully he gets paid for it otherwise this would be a very short bio. Over the years he’s had some cool gigs like composing for Walt Disney Company, writing songs in India for a private investor, playing a festival set with Bill Nye the Science Guy and even touring the country as a DJ in an astronaut suit. With this eclectic mix of experience it makes sense he would land a role in media music where speed, style, and flexibility rule.

Courtney’s background is in copywriting, design, and business development. As a marketing executive she’s worked on campaigns for Bethesda, 2K Games, and Toyota. She has a thing for pitch decks and helps creators and startups secure funding for their projects. For Future Vega she writes songs, manages score production, and sends a whole lotta emails.

Our hobbies include working, collecting synths, playing video games and bickering about why our electricity bill is so high.

If you need a serious bio, you can find that here.

Illustration by @neilkohney / inspired by @mikemaihack